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Ronald Gene Pockrandt started Red River Construction Company in 1973. Before Ron became a contractor he served in the United States NAVY and then as a tool-design engineer for North American Aviation (currently Rockwell). He lived in California until he moved to Red River with his wife, Natalia, in 1967. They fell in love with Red River while on vacation and decided it was time to move from the city to the mountains of New Mexico.

Ron's passion for building and seeing the finished product of his hand motivated him to start a construction business, which has become well known in Red River. Sitzmark Sports, Resort Realty, and The Lift House (the original in 1980) are just a few of the commercial buildings Ron built, among countless residential homes within town and Red River's Upper Valley.



His son, Ronald Paul Pockrandt, continues the legacy for Red River Construction Company. Ronnie obtained his license and took over the company in 2012 when Ron decided it was time to retire. At the young age of 15, Ronnie started building with his dad and worked with him up until his retirement. Ronnie's love of building and dedication to detail has carried on the success of the business.


Ronnie married Rebecca in 2013 and together, along with their three children, continue to own and operate Red River Construction Company. Their highest priority is to build quality homes that exceed client's expectations, where no detail is overlooked. As the Pockrandts continue to build homes and businesses in the Red River area, their hope is for families to build memories as strong and lasting as the homes those memories were made in.


"We look forward to meeting people that are ready for a new adventure in their lives and are excited about giving Red River Construction Company the opportunity to make their dream home a reality." 

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